Opus One Offer – Including 120 bottles of the 2016 Vintage!

1983Opus One750 mlLoose1343
1985Opus One1.5 LLoose1789
1991Opus One750 mlLoose1554
1991Opus One6 LLoose14740
1992Opus One (soiled)3 LLoose12034
1994Opus One750 mlLoose5424
1994Opus One1.5LLoose1870
1995Opus One750 mlLoose2417
1997Opus One750 mlLoose2511
1997Opus One1.5 LLoose1865
2000Opus One750 mlLoose3417
2002Opus One750 mlLoose1481
2004Opus One750 mlLoose1396
2005Opus One750 mlLoose17434
2006Opus One750 mlLoose1430
2008Opus One750 mlLoose1430
2008Opus One750 mlLoose7432
2008Opus One750 mlLoose1453
2009Opus One750 mlLoose1354
2009Opus One750 mlLoose23386
2010Opus One750 mlLoose3396
2010Opus One750 mlLoose7448
2011Opus One750 mlLoose30417
2012Opus One750 mlLoose5343
2012Opus One750 mlLoose37417
2012Opus One3 LLoose12120
2013Opus One750 mlLoose9501
2014Opus One750 mlLoose31316
2014Opus One750 mlLoose2336
2014Opus One6 L1-Pk OWC14294
2015Opus One375 mlLoose10195
2015Opus One750 mlLoose4336
2016Opus One750 mlLoose120315
2016Opus One375 ml12-Pk OWC22348
N.V.Opus One Overture750 ml6-Pk OWC3718

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