In Memoriam

Merrick Dowson of Adventures in Wine

Merrick Downson of Adventures in Wine in Daly City, California passed away from COVID 19 yesterday. He is the first friend of mine to lose his life to this horrible virus and it is a big loss to many friends, his family and the wine trade.

I first met Merrick in 1992 when I was working in Bordeaux. He was the first customer I met with in America and the first person to introduce me to doggy-bags, a very strange concept to this young European! Merrick became a friend and a big help in my move to America in 1997. Throughout the years, “Uncle” Merrick was always there and I was even lucky enough to photograph his wedding some years ago. My heart goes out to his family and co-workers who are also heart broken. RIP, old friend, and may we share bubbles together again.

Please honor Merrick by staying safe, patient and healthy and looking after your loved ones.

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  1. Atilio Falco says:

    A very beautiful and touching homage that I would like to join.
    The title “uncle” fit his nice person very well.
    Sad news that remind us all the fragility of life.


    1. Lee Jorgensen says:

      Remember Vinexpo at Chateau de Seguin?


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