Sine Qua Non Vintage 2017 Reds are on the way!

SQN Bottles

The 2017 vintage in California was one of extreme heat, which for SQN has resulted in intense body and power. As a result, in 2017 they have received amongst their highest ever barrel scores, which will make them sell out items. These are given unique names every vintage and in 2017 their scores are exceptional. ‘The Hated Hunter’ Syrah has been awarded 97-100 points from Lisa Perrotti-Brown of The Wine Advocate, which she says, ‘pings exuberantly out of the glass with a veritable POP… finishing very long and perfumed.’ She has also awarded ‘The Gorgeous Victim’ Grenache 98-100 points, calling it ‘Just. Magic…explodes from the glass with the most incredible perfume: red roses, cinnamon stick, lilacs and crushed black cherries with chocolate box, aniseed, garrigue and dried herbs plus gentle waves of lavender, dusty soil and smoked meats.’ These could be the first Non EBAs (extended barrel age) to achieve two perfect scores, the finest to date. These are priced today at £220 per bottle, which presents a great way to enjoy Sine Qua Non at a stunning price point. To put this in perspective, the 100-point EBAs start at £650 and rise to £1,000. As one bottle is never enough of this powerhouse wine, we are pleased to offer a special price of £1,250 for three bottles of each, six bottles in total.

Sine Qua Non make less than 4,000 cases a year, split between numerous wines, deriving from several vineyards. Most Sine Qua Non bottles see 18-24 months in oak, however this is extended to 40 months in new oak barrel for the Extended Barrel Aged (EBA) wines. These are mostly derived from the vineyard named ‘Eleven Confessions’ which is cited in the Santa Rita Hills and was the first vineyard purchased by Manfred Krankl. Each year, he makes only one EBA Syrah and one EBA Grenache, he uses a variable composition of these then to make a collector’s case. The Non EBA wines are also stunning propositions, sourced from the same vineyards and leading plots. They undergo less age in oak, but no less of Manfred’s Austrian vine love. He treats them with the same care and passion as his EBA wines, maximising potential. It is noteworthy that these receive scores every year that surpass other leading Californian wines.

1 Magnum The Gorgeous Victim Grenache at $1460

8 bottles The Gorgeous Victim Grenache at $305

14 bottles The Hated Hunter Syrah at $305

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