Margaux de Chateau Margaux!

We are pleased to introduce a wine that is not all that well-known outside of France, but is slowly gaining popularity internationally:

“The pursuit of excellence has always led Château Margaux to produce a second wine, which took the name of Pavillon Rouge du Château Margaux in 1908. Our demands have never ceased to strengthen and led to the creation of a third batch of wine as from 1997. Over the years, the selection has become more and more rigorous, thus improving the quality of Pavillon Rouge and consequently, that of the third wine.

The exceptional quality of the 2009 vintage and our wish to take advantage of it, have enabled us to produce a third wine of a standard never previously attained. It seemed a pity to us to sell it in bulk as we had done until then…

We aged it in barrels with the same care as Pavillon Rouge and bottled it after fifteen months, thus giving birth to the first vintage of Margaux du Château Margaux.

Of course, the production of this wine being limited, Margaux du Château Margaux will only be available at first in a small selection of restaurants within Château Margaux’s traditional markets : in France and the United Kingdom since September 2013 and will become available in Japan and the United States between now and the beginning of 2014″.

We can offer 132 bottles of Margaux de Chateau Margaux 2011 at $57 per bottle ex-cellars California. Offered subject to remaining unsold.

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